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Default for those who have been to trial: a question

If you've read any of my posts in the last weeks, you'll know I'm headed to trial in the next few days. I am seeking variance to spousal support due to change in income. We are both self repped (she had a lawyer for first 9 months until her credit cards ran out).

Anyway, Friday we exchanged evidence books. The evidence books are over 1,200 pages of documents. As the facts have become clear to her, she has shifted her strategy to focusing on pre-trial 'conduct and disclosure' as way to discredit me. I admit I made mistakes on the path to trial, mistakes either of ignorance as self rep, or occasional ego. However, the facts and disclosure after a year are now clear, and where there are gaps, direct testimony of witnesses in trial will make it perfectly clear.

The question is for those who have experience at trial: how much weight does the trial judge give to the pre-trial issues issues?