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The case conference is in two days. My only concern is that my ex didn't fill out from 10 and never attended the MIP. It's newer thing the court are testing out in some cities and any parties going to court over family matter (unless it's divorce with no children involved) must attend in order to have a case conference. She is the respondent in this matter.

So from that I don't think they will allow us to see a judge, because the paper work on her side is not complete. If this is the case and I drive up there only to be told we have to rebook the date so she can fill them out I really want a temp. order to be made so my daughter and I can at least visit each other as it has been almost two years.

Ex from what I heard from her family does have a lawyer from legal aid.

I have all my paper work laid out like you have suggested. Everything is labeled and easy to find if I must do so in front of judge quickly. I have e-mails after e-mails of my ex telling me to "fuck off, leave my family alone, She is not yours anymore" telling me that she needs me to take custody because she cannot handle our daughter anymore, that our daughter is ruining her marriage and corrupting her other children (ages 1 year, and 3 months) also e-mails of me offering mediation and her refusing saying she only wants to go to court, and that she wont talk to me until then... Even a conversation about how after one attempt of her agreeing to bring our daughter down for her birthday to see me and my family (even talked to my daughter on the phone) we made up our own visitation agreement. 24 hours later she changed her mind and said she only wants it done in court by a judge.

Will any of this help me in getting any order made for access to our daughter? My ex will not work out anything at all.

Thanks so much mess you have been very helpful