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Unhappy Case Conference questions....please help

Hi again everyone,

So it's getting close to my case conference (next week) and still have a few questions.

I have written about the history of the case in another post a few days ago.

Since serving my ex the 30 day limit has came and went with nothing back from her. She also never attended the MIP. I have has many people in her family inform me that she is planning on just "handing our daughter over", since she wants to leave the family we created and move on with her "new" family.

So since she never filled out the paper work or attended the session it is my understanding that we are not judge ready. And when we go to court that is exactly what they will tell us. So what will happen if my ex shows up for court even though she has not done the proper stuff.
At this point I'm going to ask for a temporary order to be in regards to access to our daughter (which she has denied and has been hiding from me for almost two years) and for an uncontested trial.
How do I go by this and is it fair to ask for this?

If she come to court to give me custody of our daughter what do I do. I mean to make it legal. I don't want to take our daughter and make plans with the ex to meet up to see a lawyer as I live some distance from her and I don't trust that she wont call the police on me for kidnapping. Yes, she would do this as her original plans were to give me our daughter with only maybe three days of clothes and then call C.A.S. on me just to cause trouble.

What is the fastest way to make it legal and the best way.

Should I be waiting outside the court room to see if she wants to talk or just be inside waiting for our turn?

Last question.
I don't think our daughter knows what's going on. How should I/can I explain the situation if she is indeed coming home with me that night.

Thanks so much everyone. You have all been lots of help.