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Question No doc been served from Respondent for case conference

-Case conference (Jan. 27)
-Case conference brief
-financial statement or Form 14a Affidavit.

I represent myself as applicant. I have not received the Respondent's (my wife) case conference brief and financial statement. Yesterday is the last day that I should be served by the Respondent's lawyer. (family law rule - The respondent's lawyer applied for the case conference, so they should serve me those files 7 working days before the case conference.)

How should I deal with this situation. I do not know where the respondent stands and what the respondent will act at the case conference. i do not know how serious their mistake is. Can I harvest anything from it.

The respondent has the legal aid. is it possible that her lawyer has used up all the time from the legal aid, so her lawyer is reluctant to do any more for this case. So her lawyer attending the case conference is the last thing they have to do. (IMO, the lawyer is first a businessman, second a lawyer).

Should I contact the legal aid office, creating a situation that the legal aid office supervises this case and pushes the respondent to take any reasonable deal.

Any response will be appreciated.