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Originally Posted by Janus View Post
Why is it worse to assault a spouse than a friend or stranger?
It has to do with the nature of the relationship between spouses. There is supposed to be an inherent level of trust. It's a person who has access to your life- who is in the position to control the other person.

Also- we need more of a deterrent. You want to beat on your partner (female or male) or your child- well, you're going to be facing something more.

Your list of names is nice, but my understanding is that the victims of violence are overwhelmingly male. Your counter may be that the perpetrators are also overwhelmingly male. This leads to my follow up question: If people of my gender commit more crimes, does that mean that I have less right to not be a victim?

Or, let's racialize it.

If one ethnic group commits fewer crimes on average, should an assault on a member of that "less violent" group result in a lengthier sentence? For example, if Japanese commit fewer crimes than Brazilians, should you get a longer sentence for assaulting somebody who is Japanese?
My list of names are names that are preventable.

That's glaring point- these deaths are preventable. They should not be taking place- not every couple of days.

As Stillbreathing points out again, and again, and again- domestic homicide is the MOST preventable homicide.

As a society we need to start taking a stand and saying these actions aren't acceptable. They aren't our values- we do not condone violence in the home- be it against your wife, husband, parent or child. Home is supposed to be a safe haven- and when you have a partner or spouse using their position of trust to harm another person- that warrants something more.

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