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I agree with you whole heartedly. In fact, the case of Elana Fric has been weighing on my heart since the last post on this forum about how from a jail cell he was able to fight for custody of the children just out of spite to drain Elana's parents of a million dollars. Money that could have gone to the children. The system is so effen broken on so many levels. A mentally ill man kills his spouse and he goes to anger management. Is that what he really needs? My exspouse choked me in a psychotic rage. He was ordered anger management! I told the person at the John Howard Society this is fine and dandy but it is not what he needs. He needs to be forced to take meds. Yes, as you say it should be an aggravating factor in sentencing. Your home is supposed to be your safe haven. Your spouse is supposed to make you feel safe always. The laws have to change. The system is so broken.
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