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there are a bunch of other factors I would look at, namely:

1. How complicated is his matter? What is contested? Where is he in the process?

Most importantly...

2. Who is on the other side?????

Young lawyers- credentials mean shit- don't bother caring what law school they went to (there are really no bad law schools in Canada).

other stuff that would factor in is how adept is your friend at doing 1st drafts of things- that could defray the costs of the more expensive lawyer.

Older family lawyers are cynical and jaded for a reason. They've seen shit.

Did he ask them what their strategy would be? What's the endgame? Ask them how they see things playing out.

Who's got the better/more seasoned law clerk? Where does the young lawyer work, v. the older lawyer?

Older family lawyers actually get a fair amount of deference from Judges cause they know them. Don't discount that.

Tell us more about your friends situation.

My answer- it depends.
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