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Default You are being treated unfairly by a system that doesn't work

Hello, I so sympathize with your situation. I am on the other end of the same thing except we do have joint custody. I have spent close to $ 40,000 in court and no matter how many documents I have saved, recorded, journalled and submitted, the sad reality is that the family court system does not work. Judges don't read the material and contempt motions don't work. In fact, as I write this now, my children require medical and dental care. Our order calls for their father to provide child support and 50% towards section 7 expenses for university, medical or dental care only. He has never paid! The last time I was in court this past August, he failed for the 6th time in an order to produce income verification ( He has not filed income tax since the year 2000). Guess what the judge did? NOTHING!!! I was not even awarded costs even though he was in contempt of the order again. Why? Well according to the judge, I failed to inform him that our 17 year old ( now almost 18) son was attending counselling on his own accord, at his own request and had asked that it remain confidential. According to the health act, every person has the right to confidential medical treatment so I at my son's request, I did not inform his father. Part of his issues had to do with the depression he experiences having been rejected by his father for so many years.

Anyway, what I want to know is, whether the courts will or can insist that the children be placed on his new spouses health and medical care plan. I wrote off receiving any child support ever, because I was chasing good money after bad. BUT, his new spouse has a drug and dental plan that she has placed only one of the children on ( her favourite) but refuses to provide the same consideration for my daughter and my oldest son. My daughter now needs braces, and after 6 months of requesting permission to proceed, I finally received an email stating that I could proceed but only if I pay for it myself. If she was placed on the medical and dental plan of his new spouse, at least some of the expense would be covered and I could take out a loan for the rest. My question then, is what to do? I am tired of making motions in courts that judges don't read or deal with. An order is only as good as the person who will follow it and realy the courts have no teeth to enforce them. So, do I make another motion that the children are to be placed on this plan and is it within his legal obligations to ensure they are provided access to this>

My estranged spouse refuses to communicate, mediate or respond to any of my queries. I think it is power and control thing, but this is hurting my kids!