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Originally Posted by Mom 2 Two View Post
I have considered this thought many many times!! They just asked for an adjournment. Lol. 5th time. Because they know they donít have a leg to stand on... we said no.

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Good. Someone on here said- the minute you start being afraid of court- you're already losing.

My ex was extremely pissed that after he (finally) replied to my offer, that I wouldn't cancel or adjourn our settlement conference. He was doubly pissed- and let it be known in coparent counselling that he felt like I was deceiving him because I wanted him to work with our PC AND I wanted to go to court to settle things. I remember him saying accusingly in a session- "You're just using the court date to find out my position. And to force my hand into settling"...and I replied "Yes".

He called me railing at me because he thought we should adjourn our SC if we were meeting with our PC and our lawyers to work on a deal. I just played dumb and told him my lawyer said to keep the date and we could just present an offer.
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