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i have a slower day today and reading older threads
this resonates with me because i am seeing early evidence of this in my kids

my daughter is 6 and son is 4

separated since september, case conference in 2 weeks...awful situation, the op story resonates with me in a lot of ways

basically, the ex has gotten away with a lot of shit so far (placing a hidden camera in the house, depleting all marital funds, removing all contents from the house and placing in her house including all the kids stuff while i was away) and will be addressed at the case conference..also very early evidence of interference with access

spent the whole last weekend convincing my 6 year old that daddy is not "bad" and that she shouldn't be afraid to talk about my family at her mom's house (she is scared what her mom will say if she prays for my brother with cancer bc the ex makes them all sleep in one bed)..her family feeds them stuff regarding my family being bad

i understand when kids are younger its easier to still mould them and as time goes on they will see dad as being level headed and realize that im not bad...

just any advice or suggested game plan to try and stop this or use this for custody...i am also living with my parents as an extra layer of support and to mitigate brainwashing and the kids love being with my parents (but still hard seeing my 6 year old confused and saying things that a 6 year old could not know)

I have kept everything documented in redic detail (complete list of all items removed, detailed accounting of every dime she spent vs me, proof of the cameras, all the comments from my kids, etc) and likely will have to have custody and access and OCL for the kids
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