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Originally Posted by misconduct View Post
I am looking for anyone who has any history with a Mississauga based lawyer named Stephen Beck who works as an OCL. If you do would you be willing to share your experiences with me.

I am looking for people who have Stephen as their OCL.

NOTE: Please PM me - do not post in here. If you want to reply tell me you have PM'd me.

thank you
My new wife used Beck for her divorce. I believe he made some huge errors and refuses to revisit them. The mistakes cost my wife over $80,000 in equalization payment. Instead, she should have received over $20,000. Beck refuses to consider asking for a correction. He keeps raising his voice and becomes very defensive stating that the courts will never allow you to renegotiate the separation agreement, even if we have facts proving her ex-husband lied about his finances. Now he says it is too late to appeal, 1 1/2 years later.
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