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Kid is five. Years from now when she can look it up, the newspaper archives wont be available online.

He didnt hesitate. He was frustrated. He came across as arrogant which would normally make me think he was a liar but again, frustrated and angry.

Kids of divorce are actually quite resilient when it comes to this shit. If your daughter ever found out, I am sure you would discuss with her. I would also expect you to speak to your family about not engaging with the child on this. What happened between you and your ex was between you two.

This case was completely blown out of proportion by the ex. They had just separated. There were emotions that escalated. The ex decided to play a card she shouldnt have. The police did what they did based on the info they had. The school released her. I cant recall the poster a few weeks ago who asked about the school releasing info. Schools have a lock down system when they have legal agreements in place or directions from parents. There was nothing in place. He was free to see his kid. Why would she call the police and provide a photo of him when she knew he had her?

I can see why you would see this the way you are iona but there are too many factors here that scream mom was trying a power play. This is no different than a parent falsely abducting their kid and claiming their ex is dangerous.
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