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That wasnt a mug shot from YRPS. The mother could have provided it as well.

I get where you are coming from but this was clearly a ridiculous escalation for no reason. He picked her up from school which he had done before as evidenced from the school releasing her. The mother called the police. How many parents on this forum have had their exs call the police on them? A lot. Maybe he wasnt answering his phone because he was spending time with his daughter and her grandfather and he knew the ex objected. Was that wrong, maybe but why does she get to control it?

The whole thing screams of control issues and refusal to act reasonable. The police even said they only had one side of the story. I watched his interview and found nothing other than a frustrated parent who was falsely labeled a kidnapper. Add to that he is a visible minority from a race normally targeted unfairly and his response is reasonable.

This was a waste of time and resources. And I turn my phone off most of the time and have it on silent with no vibration. Unless I look at it, I dont know if someone is calling. Plus, there have been moments with my mans kids where he has asked them to turn off their phones because of their mothers incessant repeated calls and she freaked right out thinking something had happened to them.
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