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Default Divorce - Impossible without suitable arrangements for the kids?

Thank you for the replies!
I am not sure that it can be voided in my home state...
If an order is registered, under the new UIFSA rules, as an out of state order where I and the children live, then I think it can only be modified, not voided?
But I need it voided I think as it is not possible to modify it well where I am...

It's so complicated...

Will my appeal be successful in Canada? Because I wasn't served, and my husband lied, very much, about his address, didn't provide income...?
Would it be better if the appeal succeeded and then I filed in my home state?

I'm not getting a penny of child support from him, he's trying to avoid supporting the kids and doesn't want anything to do with them.

I still don't know what to do.
This Canadian law seems so unfair, to pass a divorce ex parte, when there are kids involved.
The family law rules say that a divorce should not be passed 'unless there are suitable arrangements for the kids' I just don't know how it got past a judge.

What can I do though? What are my chances with the appeal?...And it is such a long way to Canada...

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