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If parts are blocked out then you might say you can't admit to the authenticity of the emails due to the blocked out portions i.e. you don't know the overall context of the emails.

Given the details of each email document is not listed I would be careful what you admit to as it opens up the door to what the other side is or is not going to admit into court.

The rules of evidence are very specific going to trial.

You should have a list of every document the other side is going to use listed. If I were you only address the specific ones they have listed. In your response simply state the rest will be ignored as they were "missing" from the list. This might make them be more precise in their Request to Admit. They're going fishing on you to see how much you will spill in your response. Make them work for it which might also reveal to you where they are going with it all.

Also you shouldn't comment on any material you were not a party to.