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OK Thanks.
re the house, collectively you lose if you both sell the house - realtors fees, in BC we have a property purchase tax (10-20k) that would be waived. Is costs about 30-40k to switch houses in BC. Probably less costs in PQ, but no point throwing away the $ you worked hard for. if you can stomach the house, buy it.
re custody, this is good - it is not as messed up as it could have been.
He will need to provide a really good reason to deviate from status quo.
re the assets, you need to add thevalues up, divide the values by 2 and one of you provides the other a differential payment based on the values of the assets that are in each others custody. Are your bank accounts and credit cards are split. Did you split bank accounts when you left?
Re a custody fight, I understand that these can cost each side between 50 and 100k (really). You would each have to provide a good reason why 50 50 should not happen.