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Exclamation Someone please help me

I have payed my lawyer thousands of dollars yet do not have my divorce, sale of home( I moved out cause he wanted to buy my half. the house was evaluated in dec 2010 we have also signed a contract stating that if one of us wants to sell that the other has 15 days to buy the others share or they have 15 days to find a buyer otherwise the home is to go up for sale), none of these things have happen he has made a couple of offers but where very low which i declined. I have told my lawyer numerous times to put the home up for sale she tells me I have to go through the courts is this true? also he served me with divorce papers we have 2 children age 6 and 10. He asked for sole custody my lawyer said to truly think about the kids and not him or I so I did and offered him 50-50. I moved out in January cause all the fighting was affecting my children. He started dating someone in February and spends all his time with her (this does not bother me) what bothers me is that my children are unhappy they tell me that he never spends time with them and they are always at his girlfriends house, they are hardly ever at his house, they run around all day till evening, my kids even have change of clothes in their school bag when they are with him, he enrolls them into activities that they do not want to do and expects me to follow it (he has been told he cannot do this without talking to me yet continues) also it is mainly his father or family that takes them to these activities. The kids are not allowed to call me when they want to. To top it off this woman is making decisions when it comes to my children my daughter that has beautiful blond hair was brought to me with 4 wide strips of "HOT PINK" semi permanent which was done by the salon. My daughter calls me crying when she is at his house wanting me to just come get her, my son is semi ok not saying much but i have my fears.My lawyer tells me that there is a slim chance that i will get full custody since i live in the quebec side, and his lawyer says he is doing everything right Is this true? oh and I had to take him to court so that I could leave the country with the kids to see my family this summer which the court granted. I really need some good advice cause my children are unhappy all I want is the best for them how do I get my children?