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its been over a year since I applied for sole custody and we still do no have an order.
However, OCL was involved, and my child (at the time 12) was adamant that she wanted nothing to do with her father and was scared of him. Recommendations were that she continue to be with me full time.

Despite his agreement in court to the judge's suggestions, he walked out of court without signing the paperwork and we are waiting for a date for a Summary Judgement from the judge. he was ordered to pay full child support as well (we were shared before)

The recommendations were for full custody to me, for her to live with me full time, and no documentation under the access arrangement so that she will be able to decide if and when she wanted to see him. That's basically been the status quo for over a year and a half now.

whats another couple months added to the 10 years of court involvement, right?
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