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Originally Posted by logicalvelocity

thats quite a history and as such if it was me I would definitely sever the relationship and try to block the individual from your life. When violence does occur such that you have to pin an individual down, those are warnings signs that similar events may happen again, and someone is going to be charged with criminal charges.

If she is claiming you owe her money and you feel you don't, then let her bring forth legal action against you such as a small claims action. Until then keep your distance and try not to worry about it.

I realized after talking to a friend who I talk to a lot about my problems with the Ex because he's been down so many roads with women in his life that my Ex did tell me that her and I should go our separate ways in August of this year, so we cohabitated until the end or beginning of September where I though we where patching things up; then thats where thing got ugly.

So my next question is did the relationship offically end in August and a new started at the end of August/September?