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I pay for their dental visits and obviously it goes through his insurance. He refuses to sign up for direct deposit, so add a week to processing time. Even with snail mail taken into account, I do not see the reimbursement for months. The average wait has been 4 months. It never takes that amount of time to receive reimbursement for regular dental check ups, yet he insists that it does.

The other problem we have right now is that our 11 yr old court file has mysteriously disappeared and supposedly we cannot do anything until it is found or rebuilt. So I am stuck between a rock and a hard place until this particular blip is fixed.

The boys spoke with their dad again the other day; I went to my room as usual. After the call they excitedly told me that they are getting brand new leather furniture soon. Yet another example of where his priorities lie. Won't pay his portion of the tooth extractions but will buy a brand new fridge for his f-ing bonsai and now, supposedly new leather furniture.

Yes, he is a dick.
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