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Every year my ex has to provide me his complete tax return and NOA. Each and every year I know they are total bogus. sure it irks me that he gets away with this.

However, how he pays his taxes is not an issue with me much anymore (court is on to his game). He revealed himself several years ago with his "adjusted filings".

In this poster's case I can see that it would be nice to have ex cooperate. But he is a dick. I really wouldn't waste much time with this dude and instead look to the court for specific remedies. I assume that FRO can't collect this correct? Perhaps an order the the money be paid into court would help? I've seen that done with other matrimonial issues. Is it something that is feasible here?

IF that is something that is feasible then it might be okay to get the Order and then find another dentist who will work with you? I know dentists get burned by many in the child custody games - they are business people and I understand why they have the policies they do.

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