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Originally Posted by DowntroddenDad View Post
Sorry if I am dense, I don't see the issue.

He wants it in writing that he can have access. That is fair and reasonable.

The fact that he doesn't exercise that access is sad, as your child is deprived of their father. But that doesn't mean that he shouldn't have access should he decide to improve his relationship.

What is your objective? To change the order to deny him access? That isn't right either.

My only advise would be to do as other suggest and document his failure to exercise his access, so that if he asks for more, you can show the pattern, and then a reasonable judge would maintain status quo. Document the fact that you have done everything reasonable to be flexible with access, in case he wants to bring up parental alienation again.
I don't think denying access was in the post.

The agreements should reflect the reality though should they not?
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