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Originally Posted by Beachnana View Post
Were you actually looking on Kiijji for a lawyer or did you must see it by chance and want to know if anyone would actually use such a lawyer?

I am not sure it would be my first place to search for that particular profession.
I looked for one just to see if there are any. I heard that only low profile business' advertize there. But I assume if a kijiji lawyer has 10 years experience must be better than a legal aid lawyer. BTW, the old lawyer with 27 years experience refused my file due to her being busy.

And legal aid immediately found me another lawyer wanna be and now requires me to fax a letter why I am refusing her too.

The agreement with legal aid was if the old lawyer refuses me I keep looking for a lawyer and will ask them to appoint one only if I need to. So I have to put in the fax even WHY I dont want the lawyer they found today besides the fact that I dont want one from them at all, yet, as we agreed.

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