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Default bad experience with couple's therapist

I am over 40, educated, professional woman. My hyusband and I, we had a few sessions with a couple's therapist in Ottawa. Overall, it was a bad experience.

After private sessions with each of us and a few session toegheter, the only assesment we got, it was that according her knowdlege, couples have issues reted to: sex, money and family.
I could read the books myself, without paying that lady big money.She didn't have the ability to devlop an interhumane relationship and to speak with us outside her books.

We stopped seeing this lady, as both of us decided that she was not a good therapist. Three years later, we were still toegheter, still working on our relationship.

A friend of mine had a bad experience too; that was almost 20 years ago. She and her husband had a one yo child and they went to see a therapist. This therapist was a male, very famous. After having a short assesment with them, the therapist told them '' you have no chance''. My friend was shocked and she could only said: but there is a one year old child involved... Her words didn't make any difference, the paid hour was over.

Overall, if you get to see a therapist, you want to get involved help. all you can hear it is a nonjudgemental opinion. I consider this approach quite poor and lacking involvment and responsability.