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If a parent is paying table CS, then that is supposed to represent 100% of the money they are obligated to spend on the child (excluding S7 expenses). To put it another way, that is how much they would spend on the child if they did not see the child at all.

The recipient parent does not get less CS if the paying parent has the kids a few nights a month, so the recipient parent is still responsible for clothing. In theory, recipient parent should also be responsible for food.

Think about it, CS really covers three major costs:
1) Shelter
2) Food
3) Clothing

Maybe some entertainment too, but that's not a major expense.

Making a parent pay CS and then buy their own clothing is double dipping.

However, no court is going to order you to send clothes, so you can avoid sending clothes and get away with it. However, in theory, the custodial parent is responsible for clothing costs.
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