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Newfie76 has a little shameless behaviour in the past

lol careful...

I went to the police regarding violence from my ex....she turned it around and said I was crazy and suicidal. I was arrested. Almost lost my job over that.

Our society will first and foremost protect the women above anyone else. Men are always going to be the abusive, controlling, money hoarding, lazy bodies that can not raise children and just gets tonnes of cash dropped on them from the sky without doing any hard work to actually earn it. We are the oppressors of women. And our legal system along with our PM strongly feel we as men are deeply indebted to women.

I am still struggling as to why our media and society is so focused on missing and murdered indigenous women.....when there are 3 times as more missing and murdered indigenous men. Why not just focus on missing and murdered indigenous "people"? are not worth it. go to police you better have very good and strong incriminating evidence. A photo?'re drinking buddy gave that bruise to you etc....
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