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50-50 is not easy for most dad's. You and I are lucky in that regard.

Offset child support on full table is also no great victory - this is not going both ways. How about offset on 50% of table value, since you each have the kids 50% of the time? How about CS values that top out at what it actually costs to raise a child? How about percentages that are fair to payers and leave incentive to accomplishment for receivers?

I've seen what a sizeable CS cheque has done to my ex. She works for show. It's destroyed her motivation to do better. And it is a total anchor on my dreams as well.

67.92% at the top for upper middle class earners. Not the rich, just the upper middle. That means even well below this rate it is well over 50% if you have 2 kids. And this is just income tax and CS. Property tax, HST and all the other taxes are not included in this.
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