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There's a reason it's hard to find a doctor for lots of good people.
That can be fixed by forcing the CMA to open up more residency spots for immigrants. Despite a very vocal minority, most doctors don't feel underpaid.

Originally Posted by Dad First View Post
, TFSA reduction

This is drifting into political... but TFSA is a horrible thing. It is a tax break exclusively for the wealthy, that represents an extreme level of intergenerational theft.

RRSP's also require you to have a reasonable income, but at least that tax break is a gift to the future. You don't pay tax now, but you pay tax later. TFSA are a theft from the future, you pay tax now, but you don't pay tax in the future.

TFSA is also a long-term gun aimed at the government, which is going to cost billions of dollars in the future. It is very right wing, it wrecks the tax base, which is kinda what the right wing likes.
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