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Originally Posted by Links17 View Post
Why doesn't the paper I posted meet that requirement?
Which one, the New Zealand study? 1200 People. Versus the Stats Canada study I quoted which interviews hundreds of thousands....

The telling part, which you quoted yourself, was that they counted incidents as child sexual abuse things such as leering and suggestive comments, which the interviewed children did not suggest were sexual abuse.

What you consistently fail to get, is that even if there is a statistical correlation between step parents and higher incidents of abuse, is that you can't apply that to your situation. Because your child's prospective step dad is a human being, who in this country has the right to be presumed innocent until proven guilty. And the vast majority of step dads do NOT commit sexual abuse.

Let me draw a parrallel.

Here in Toronto, if you look at crime statistics, you may notice there are certain populations that are more likely involved in violent crime and murder. But if you chose one charecteristic, like skin colour, and try and apply that to all people with that skin colour, you are being racist. Because you are choosing to use one statistic to apply to a broad group of people. Instead you should look at multiple variables, like income, specific geographic areas, membership in gangs, etc. Because the vast majority of people in Toronto, of all races and creeds, are highly unlikely to be involved in violent crime (either as perpetrators or victims).

I do not believe that people become child abusers simply because they have opportunity. I think that child abusers are often victims of abuse themselves, and there are studies to show that.
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