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At first it was to find out if step fathers are a statistical significantly higher risk to step daughters - Now its actually an experiment into how people REFUSE to believe something that they don't want to NO MATTER what proofs are presented.
BULLCRAP!!! Let me remind you of what you started out the thread with:

Actually, I've found quite a bit now and yeah this is a strong/significant association with step fathers and abuse it seems.

On the flip-side its completely ignored by the court - I'll theorize the feminist agenda (women want to remarry and this hampers that).
I really cannot tolerate people say crap like this then try to backup 100 miles an hour and not own it. Its truly cowardly not to own the garbage you say. You are so transparent its ridiculous. You're really not fooling anyone about what your agenda is. You are a raving misogynist and you hate that your ex is living her life and deciding how to parent your children in her own way during her time with them. You are threatened by the idea of your ex bringing new males into your children's lives because you have an inferiority complex a mile wide.

Let me remind you that you were suggesting that the court should consider that male step-parents are likely to molest children. THAT'S WHAT YOU SAID. And in particular, you're concerned about your own ex and, as per usual, disparaging her on this forum because she may be choosing to actually have a relationship.

Another example of this:

I was just thinking if my ex brings random male prostitutes to the home, does it pose a threat to my children - then I though, what if they aren't prostitutes but just promiscuous men and I figured I should do some research.
Your seething loathing of your ex affects your ability to think clearly and you have these really creepy topics in your threads which I truly find disturbing. Its seems normal to have concerns that your ex might have new partners and worry about how that might affect your children. Its not normal to show constant disdain for the mother of your children by suggesting she's bringing a bunch of male prostitutes home. Its also highly disturbing that you've obsessed more than once about child molestation.

Your ex is your children's mother. The court has determined that she is capable. And as such, she is responsible to monitor the individuals that are around your children. As their mother, she's responsible to have open dialogue with them and monitor them in the event of problems. You can and should certainly have conversations with your children about talking to you and their private parts being private but that's as far as it goes.

The court won't and shouldn't consider the paranoid, creepy fears of a guy who has major control issues. No one should ever be considered guilty before they commit a crime. This isn't because of some feminist agenda...its because its fundamentally immoral and wrong not to judge individuals on their own actions.

Frankly, I think your ex is on the right track if she's bringing other male role models into your kid's lives. They need them.

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