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Originally Posted by Links17 View Post
How do you know, I haven't even posted what I've found yet

I agree, in fact step parents can be BETTER parents than bio-parents. However, statistically speaking this may not be the case. I am sure there are great step parents.

I agree, what I am wondering is - Does the increased risk of something itself get considered....

I agree probably FAR more. But if 80% were not abusive and 20% were then I wonder?

I do have some issues, all imposed on me by others - not everything is against me.

PErhaps, the possibility exists - are you a step-parent by any chance?
In fact, I'm not a step parent. My ex will be soon, and clearly by extention someone will be a step parent to my kids.

And I think you have to define abuse. Those fuzzy stats may or may not include verbal or emotional abuse, physical abuse or sexual abuse. I don't make light of abuse, I understand it exists, but I also know that stats are often misstated.
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