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Hi everyone I have some questions about this as it relates to my situation.

1) Currently I have access 5 out of every 14 days (36%) but with the next sitting of my settlement conference should be going up to 6/14 putting me into a shared physical custody situation.

2) Problem is that my X has no income to report on line 150 other than UCCB ($1200) so I would still be paying the full table amount (whose model literally assumes that the paying parent has no child related expenses) when I get to shared custody.

3) I am having huge difficulties financially (LOC maxed, CC getting there, regular expenses exceed my income every month) and am contemplating asking for an adjustment in CS.

Am I...
a) better off trying to seek an adjustment through asking for an imputed income for voluntary unemployment (my ex has a university Degree but has not attempted to gain employment, or taken any steps to update her skills to find employment at all since our separation in May 2011) or...

b) look for some acknowledgement of the increased costs of maintaining two households under section 9 b) of the guidelines?

"9. Where a parent or spouse exercises a right of access to, or has physical custody of, a child for not less than 40 per cent of the time over the course of a year, the amount of the order for the support of a child must be determined by taking into account,
(a) the amounts set out in the applicable tables for each of the parents or spouses;
(b) the increased costs of shared custody arrangements; and
(c) the condition, means, needs and other circumstances of each parent or spouse and of any child for whom support is sought. O. Reg. 391/97, s. 9."

c) do nothing and hope she gets a job eventually and continue to pay full CS (and 98% of section 7, but that is another story altogether).

Any advise or experience in this area would be helpful.

Thanks in advance.


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