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pinkHouses has a little shameless behaviour in the past

Wow, that was a whole lot of typing and deception you did there trying to puff yourself up.

The guy doesn't even want a 50/50 and lives 5 hours away by car. So 2-2-5; 2-2-3; they are irrelevant. My comment was a generalization, I even mentioned teenagers.
For an infant being away for a week as the guy wanted was not fitting.

We are not in court, this is an internet forum. "attack" and "berate" is exactly what you do. Cripes look at the length of that post of yours.

[personal attacks deleted by Admin]

I am often not specific when I ask questions but do so purposely, sometimes I get decent responses, sometimes I get no response, sometimes I get you. I don't want you, please.

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