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One parent in Montreal and the other in Oakville and the child was and lived where from birth and why would one of you move. Complex.

Your child is very young and removing the child from one parent for too long at that age is something you would want to seek professional advice on.

At that age a 2-2-5-5 schedule is very common and considered the healthier option.
When they become teenagers 1 week with one parent and the other week with the other is the norm.

He may try to register the child for school in Quebec. So if you agree to anything make sure you specify the region the child will be going to school.

Of course the parent with less time will usually end up bearing some stress issues with lack of access. Instead of fighting, if possible, find a way to make them feel more comfortable with access. Longer weekends may suit him and his work schedule. It is not an easy situation to cope with for anyone involved.

What is going to happen after school starts, things eventually will settle down. Try calling CAS or some other child based organization for advice on what you and he can do to help. This is not something the cold hand of law deals with well.
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