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This is what I know. He is a war veteran with mild PTSD. But has some depression. So he went to ER and when they called his name he whispered to the nurse that he has suicide feelings. She asked does he feel like harming someone else he said "kinda, if attacked/provoked" something like that.

He told them he has huge fear of closed places. They put him in a hallway where he waited for the doc. Doc apparently never arrived. They put him in a locked room, tied him up. punched him, pressed his face with their knees, left him in withdrawal for 12 hours without his prescribed narcotics, no food or drink for 12 hours and if the family and shrink didn't arrive he would continue to suffer.

So he filled out a 3 page complaint report to Alberta Edmonton hospital but that's bull IMO. If I were him I would call media or at very least spread it through social media.

BTW he resisted going to that room but if he has fears who wouldn't. He said to me quote "would you resist being put into a room full of scorpions". So I see where he is coming from.
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