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Stbx has been self-rep off and on over the past few years (four different lawyers so far and none seem to stick around).

The last time we were before a judge was for a long-motion. We had completed equalization about 18 months into separation and this was one final item that he had been refusing to complete despite it being agreed on consent. He managed to delay by adjournment (on consent since he would have likely been given it anyways) SEVEN times using 2 of those lawyers, and when we finally managed to make it to court he no longer had a lawyer.

He wanted to delay again - sending 3 4-inch binders on a Wednesday night at 5:00 as my lawyers office was closing, for a motion scheduled for Friday at 10. Binders were full of nonsense and repeated information over and over again. We scrambled and filed our response back and then were set for the motion - I did not want any excuse to delay again as it was now over 2 years from the originally scheduled motion.

He showed up with his girlfriend at the table with him. This didn't impress the judge and she even asked if we wanted her removed. We went along with the circus and they didn't let us down. It was a 1 hour motion on a Friday morning of a long weekend - he started by asking for another adjournment and $25,000 security to cover his potential legal costs and when the judge said no he then talked for 4.5 hours. We even had to break for lunch. It was a mess. The girlfriend was glaring at the judge (she was called out and nearly removed), and then kept "whispering" to him what to say and he would just repeat her verbatim...for 4.5 hours. The judge stopped her two more times and she just kept apologizing.

I was a bit shocked at all this. He was once a pretty confident public speaker and quite used to giving presentations to people he didn't know - so I actually thought that he was capable of getting through a motion on his own - he wasn't. It was a hot mess.

And yes, he lost big time. I got everything he had originally agreed to and then some. And my full costs.
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