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My partners ex is self repping and her documents are ridiculous. As are her arguments. She keeps repeating useless information with no documentation or proof. In their only “conference” she went on ad nauseam about irrelevant stuff. Her current motion is for information that has no bearing on the case, she just wants to know my income and financial information. As the lawyer said, with another lawyer it would be tossed but because shes a self rep the lawyer has to tip toe around the issues because self reps get coddled.

My partner is worried that because shes this “poor single mother trying to do whats best for our children” a judge will take pity on her. Ignoring the fact that he has been following the law to a T, has been alienated from his kids and never sees any information until he says no receipt no pay.

The last thing we have is a pot of cash to pay a lawyer but we are because he can’t self rep. She has proven her self rep skills are non existent but she is doing it so she can claim the high road of not wasting money like he is. Now we have to face the fact a judge will side with her because she refuses to do this properly??

(And she has more money than we do for a lawyer. MUCH more. And she has a lawyer signing her forms. Shes just sanctimonious.)
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