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Default Question about spousal support and my lawyer

Hi. I was married to my wife for 9 years before she had an affair and left me for another man. She makes about $80k a year, whereas (and I'm embarrassed by it) I make about $33k. I have no problem with demanding alimony, especially after the level of betrayal and the lying about it that followed. My problem is I have no idea what's involved: the process or the calculation of the amount. I asked my lawyer and he told me to read the federal government guidelines, including the section on exceptions, to see what I might be entitled to. Is this normal? I thought that he would do this sort of thing and advise me (I'm not being lazy about it, it just struck me as strange.) I understood that he is not a bad lawyer, and had advised me how to save money in dealing with him in terms of fees. Plus, he's got a reputation as an "insert expletive' and I know that my now exwife was not happy that I had him to represent me, and has informed me of what she thinks on him (not good things either). She has told me numerous times that I should fire him and get another one. She also stated that he is considered a joke and that other legal professionals she knows laugh at him. I thought that was weird (considering that she has never known any legal professionals before) and wondered if she was just trying to get to me, or if it was actually true. Makes me nervous. Anyway, should I have expected him to advise me on spousal support directly, or should I expect to be directed to find out for myself?