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Originally Posted by rockscan View Post
The day care contract will be important. Most day cares still require payment for sick days and vacation. They can get away with it because there is a shortage of in home day cares.

I would think that you could reasonably subtract food and utility costs as well as proven supplies costs. These will depend on the contract though too. My siblings are required to provide milk, two snacks, kleenex, cleaning supplies and all diapers and related changing stuff to their daycares. What she subtracts for revenue canada is not necessarily allowed for these businesses. Keep in mind too the government changes to in home daycares. Ontario only allows five children limited to only two under two.

As far as shorting the cs while this is going on, she could file with an enforcement agency if you have an amount in your original agreement. That may backfire on you.
Thanks Rockscan

There is no set amount in our separation agreement other than it says I am to pay table support for both children as I was an every other weekend father. This has changed now that one child lives with me and one with her.

By not adjusting the full table support I am paying her once financial disclosure is received and those numbers are known, Would I not be knowing and willingly jeopardizing the well being of a child in order to maintain a temporary status quo? Couldn't this also be a case of a parent disrupting another parents parenting time as well and attempting to alienate the other parent by simply holding out on amending support till the child has had enough and decides to move back in with the other parent because life is more financially supportive there? Its a stretch I know!

This is purely frustration at the system and not you fine folks!
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