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I would also suggest looking through for cases in Ontario/Toronto and the successful lawyer. You can also check rate lawyers on Google as some of those show people who make comments about their lawyers.
With all due respect to rockscan I don't agree with the 'review CanLII for success rates" idea. Mainly because failure or success at trial is far more dependent on the facts than the lawyer.

Some lawyers take hard cases to court, they lose but they go down with a fight because that was what the client insisted upon. Other lawyers only take 'easy' cases to trial, they have high success rates but they're cherry picking.

Also, online reviews are stupid for family lawyers. Most of them (mine included) are written by opposing parties who are bitter. The ones with glowing perfect reviews are either written by the lawyers themselves, or they strongly encourage their clients to leave favorable feedback.

Review CanLII, not for win/lose, but for complements from the Judge. "Despite able submissions from Mr. X" is a complement to the lawyer, even though he/she is being ruled against. If Judges are critical of the lawyers' conduct, be mindful of that (although not unskeptical, as Judges are human too).
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