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Default Spousal Support Increase Request after 10 Years


I am concerned about listing too many specific facts in this forum due to privacy concerns.

However, here are some of the points of my case

My ex common law spouse and I were together for 14 years

We have been separated for 10 years .

We have two children together who are now teenagers.

We have joint custody, but she has more access.

She lost her job over two years ago and was provided a severance package.

She has not worked any meaningful type of job in this time, and currently only works appx. an hour a day.

I have proof that she has refused employment that was not to her standards.

When we were in our common law relationship. we co-parented, and she took no more that the year maternity leave granted by the Province per child. She did not sacrafice any of career/financial opportunities for the family.

Neither of us would like to take this to trail; however, we are also not on the horizon of a resolution.

I was hoping that someone with some experience in this realm can advise me of the validity of her claim based on the above scenario (she is not disabled, and was in her late 30s when we separated - she has a diploma and employable skills).

I want to be fair, but I would also like to have a sense of what the law may interpret as being fair.

Thank you for your time.

D. Mills
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