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Originally Posted by Frostrated View Post
I am still not allowed to change to locks since technically, he can come back as long as he's on the deed. It sucks.

What is ILA? If it's free, he may do this. First he was claiming he's so poor, he's going to end up on the streets, and then he tried convincing me that all the money he's spent in the past year was only using money he'd earned. Considering he's been on short- and long-term disability since March, I somehow doubt it.

Independent legal advice... its important so he cant claim he didnt know what he was signing... especially since hes on drugs... no its not free, its a lawyer reviewing the agreement for him and making sure its fair... since your lawyer drew it up he really needs ILA... agreements can be set aside because of lack of ILA... its a tough situation because of his drug use, if he sobers up he can state he wasnt in the right mind frame to be signing a legal document and your lawyer drafted it in your favour.

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