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Originally Posted by Berner_Faith View Post
Id personally make sure he gets ILA, especially since your lawyer drew up the agreement. The last thing you want is him sobering up and realizing he could have the agreement thrown out. Honestly it would be worth my sanity to make sure any ex got ILA...

I am happy to hear he finally left and your job is going well.. it will take some time but soon everyone will adjust and things will run smoothly!

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I am still not allowed to change to locks since technically, he can come back as long as he's on the deed. It sucks.

What is ILA? If it's free, he may do this. First he was claiming he's so poor, he's going to end up on the streets, and then he tried convincing me that all the money he's spent in the past year was only using money he'd earned. Considering he's been on short- and long-term disability since March, I somehow doubt it.
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