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trinton has a little shameless behaviour in the past

Originally Posted by bmw1122 View Post
So far what she's tried to do is tarnish my image.

- saying I'm mentally unfit > there were some work related psychologists examinations which she tried to use and after explaining to the judge he agreed those aren't to be used
- she's not asking for any $$ -- would that change in a Trial??
- she was hiding which school the child goes to , where she lives etc (apparently its her 3rd place , with her brother and sister now)
- she doesn't have a stable job - she refuses to work and works a 'cash' type job .
-my lawyer keeps saying its default 50-50 but should i ask her to try to do anyting? offer anything to the other side?
go with what your lawyer says. forget all the nonsense your ex says.

you could use the fact that she wouldn't even tell you what school she went to against her. that's a nasty move. my ex did it too. she even changed schools without me knowing.

you don't want someone like that having sole custody. trust me. do not sign sole custody to her under any circumstances.

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