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Go to trial and ask for:

joint custody
shared parenting including equal sharing of the holidays
offset child support
restrict mom from moving outside of region without your consent
right to travel on 30 day notice

Don't sign sole custody to her, if you do then you're essentially admitting you're not a fit parent.

you parents can look after the child when you're not available, or in school. worst to worst, you can use daycare. it's $5 a day for before or after school.

apply for legal aid, if not, borrow money and hire a good lawyer, take out a loan or max out a credit card if you have to. You may be able to recover some , most, or all of your costs if you win. You may not be ordered to pay all her costs if she wins (she likely won't).

You can also get a lawyer on limited scope retainer to help you prepare documents and tell you what to say in court, etc.

if you have to, represent yourself. Keep your cool, be nice, and focus your arguments tailored to the best interests on the child.

Joint custody is the presumption, she will have to prove why you should not have joint custody, the onus is on her.

maximum contact principle is deemed what is best for the child. She will have to prove why the child should not have maximum time with both of you.

Study case law on

once again, don't sign off on sole custody to her. Once the order is made, you're stuck with it for life. You'll be kept in the dark as to all decisions effecting your child and no input from you will be required. Your say won't matter. You'll be a visitor, not a parent. She'll control you and jerk you around. She'll feel like she owns you and your child. And she will take advantage of it and abuse her powers. You'll become her b*tch.

Do you want to be just a visitor? or step up to the plate and be the parent that you are?

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