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If you are unemployed, going to school, you would likely qualify for Legal Aid would you not? If that is the case then I don't know how you would be "wasting your $$" as the taxpayers essentially pay for your legal representation. Correct?

From what I've read on ODF (here) there are mixed reviews on OCL involvement. OCL or "Office of the Children's Lawyer," by it's own title sounds like a good thing. Perhaps you should do your own research on OCL and care less about what others have to say about the process (which I understand is quite lengthy).

I would think that OCL and Legal Aid might provide you with some useful information going forward - both are free, which would be an important consideration for you.

In the meantime you could start by making a list of the positive aspects of your proceeding for 50/50:

- you have your extended family (parents) as positive back-up.... they would come out as an asset to you?
- you have a concise, well-though-out parenting plan?
- despite your disability you can outline specific supports you have in place to assist you with any and all limitations required to participate in raising your child?
- you have been very involved with upbringing of your child, and provided for needs while in your care, since your separation?

Just some food for thought... others will likely have much better advice.
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