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I have just had an arbitrated ruling that states that I am required to pay 400.00/mth on top of Table CS for S7 expenses. My ex will pay the first 1800.00 out of CS - and then my monies get used in % basis.
I argued that the activities my kids (s11,d8)were involved in (house league hockey/soccer, etc) were not S7 as defined as "extraordinary". That said the decision was that while each was not S7 on their own - their combination were deemed S7.
It is such a grey area and there is case law supporting both sides.
In this instance - it went the way of my ex. I have no say in what they are put in - just give the money. There is some reconciling that has to be done and if the money isn't used - I get some back.
All this to say - it will depend on the judge you have.
Good luck
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