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Default Section 7 and Final Court Order

Hi all. Long-time lurker with a few posts; wonderful site with a wealth of information!

My ex and I have a final court order that states I have sole custody and if we are unable to agree on Section 7 expenses, I have "final decision making authority" (exact wording). Our boys (twins age 5) are not registered in everything under the sun; usually only swimming in the fall/winter and soccer in the summer (the judge agreed that these were indeed S7 expenses). Dad always refuses to pay his portion and we usually end up in front of a judge in order to collect what is owed.

Dad has always been aware that they boys want to play hockey and that when the time came, I would be registering them. Last week, I discovered hockey registration for new players was sooner than I thought it would be and immediately informed Dad of my intention to register the boys and provided him with links to the Association's website for him to look at the information himself. As usual, he has refused to agree, even after I suggested he could split the repayment in two - half 30 days after my sending him the receipt and then half 30 days after that. I also suggested that hockey equipment be purchased periodically over the summer to help to budget for and limit the amount of money being spent at one time to outfit them. His answer is still no. Our incomes are such that he is responsible for 60% of expenses and he pays full table child support

My question is -- this is a final court order providing me with final decision making authority and as mentioned, I do not register our boys for everything under the sun. This is the first major S7 expense since receiving the final court order. If we end up in court again regarding repayment, how concrete is our final court order? Can he simply say "No"?

The boys have wanted to play hockey for a long time; one of the little guys insists he's going to be a goalie (Mom is cringing on that one--even renting goalie equipment is outrageously expensive!). They are definitely rink rats; they have two older brothers who play(ed) hockey. One is still playing and the boys absolutely love going to watch him. I guess the point of this paragraph is to say that they have been exposed to the hockey culture and I am not just registering them out of the blue; this is something they have always wanted to do.

And for the record, I have acknowledged that it is his decision if he doesn't want to take them to hockey during his parenting time

Thanks for your help!
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