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Mess I think you took my post wrong.
The question to OrleansLawyer was a tax court question from a tax perspective with regards to claiming legal fees on your taxes, and how the federal government has created an unfair system when it comes to claiming legal fees on taxes.

It had nothing to do with arguments to be used in family court, or the child support guidelines. Anyone going into family court and arguing for access for financial gain is going to lose.
And I think the history of my previous posts on family court support this position.

But I do believe in equality and that I should be able to claim a portion of my legal fees for my case on my taxes, as a shared parent.
My post was about how others trying to get access in family court could possibility get around the limits of tax laws and tax court, so that they could claim a portion of their legal fees from a tax perspective.

As for the Case Law 2012 TCC 92 (CanLII)

The arguement in this case was for income retention,
had the argument been about getting child support from the other side by way of an offset, then perhaps they might have won.
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