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Originally Posted by iona6656 View Post
What's changed now, from two years ago? Other than the kids are older and easier to take care of?

Actually what their mother is proposing isnt nuts. A child focused PC will probably tell you transitioning toddlers to 50/50 in four months- who have only known one parent as the caregiver is actually nuts.
What has changed is that the father moved to live within 4 minutes drive of her home (previously he was 1h30 away). This happened November 2018.

Is it really fair to say theyve only known one parent as caregiver? Shes not a SHM. She leaves the house at 7:30a and returns at 6:30p each day. The real caregiver is the live-in nanny who is with them 24/7. Part of his struggle and issue is that hes so close and able to take care of them but the nanny has more rights than he does at this point. Hes been seeing them consistently on Wednesdays and weekends and takes them to extracurriculars during the week because she cant.
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